16th February 2012

Although delayed, we're really excited to be launching the most dramatic update to our software yet.

With a multitude of usability improvements and a large list of features, We're really proud of this version and we know you guys are going to love it. We're looking at a March release and we will be working hard to make it a seamless and happy update to all of our customers.

This version also lays the groundwork for our upcoming iPad and Android capable designer,

There are a stack of features coming, so stay tuned for the official launch announcement!

11th January 2012

NCS Lihir has recently started using a new way of communicating daily menus and messages to clients and staff in the dining rooms. The Menu-Cast system displays information via four state of the art LCD monitors located in the main dining room area.

It is a fully customised digital signage system that enables us to design and pre-program information that is of interest to our site including:

  • Menus and dining cycles
  • Health and safety updates and bulletins
  • Flight schedules
  • Site alerts and warnings
  • News updates

Catering Manager Alan Bloxwich said “Menu-Cast is proving to be a fantastic tool for us to display not only our menus but information and news to our clients and staff. It is easily updated and very eye catching.” “Safety messages are especially effective when displayed this way. For example we used Menu-Cast to keep residents updated during the tsunami warning after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, when all the camp residents in the low lying areas were evacuated to the Main mess area until the warning was lifted.” he said.

Menu-Cast has the capability of also playing video and sound, and can be extended to multiple locations across the site.
In use, since March, the reaction from our customers has been positive!

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9th September 2011

As attendees approached our stand we instantly threw up photos taken with a digital camera, logo's and graphics straight from their websites demonstrating the ease of use, power and flexibility of our software.

All in all we had a fantastic response in Sydney, If you missed out then make sure to get to our stand at Fine Food 2012!

8th June 2011


Menu-Cast digital menu boards demonstrated the ease with which nutritional information can be added to signage while at their booth in Chicago.  As the United States moves to make such labeling mandatory for most restaurants in 2012, attendees were pleased to see any easy, cost effective solution to the regulation.

The quick interface that allows updates and changes perfectly fits the dynamic nature of the new regulations.  In fact, the US Navy galley operations in Great Lakes, Illinois, USA has been using the technology successfully for some time now.

In order to get more information regarding the technology and how it can assist you, President and CEO, Terry Duckworth encourages restaurateurs to contact Menu-Cast for an explanation and demonstration.

2nd March 2011

Certiana software company exhibited both the Menu-Cast and Sign-Cast products at the Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada this past week.  Both products, which are powered by Certiana software, feature creative solutions for content, layout, and distribution of graphic media.

The Menu-Cast system provides specialty software designed especially for the restaurant menu board industry while Sign-Cast is a general purpose application for other digital signage requirements.  Sign-Cast can be used to drive content on both LCD screens and LED boards.  This dual feature allows the same easy operation and set up of outdoor LED signs as indoor LCD screen systems.  In addition, all systems are scalable and usable by both large organizations as well as single location operators.

Well received at the show, the products attracted savvy professionals interested in a user friendly platform with outstanding graphics.  According to Cade Embery, Lead Developer of the systems, “We received scores of compliments regarding our software products.  Attendees praised our superior graphic content and software interface while visiting with us at the show.”

Terry Duckworth, President and CEO stated, “By also adding the LED sign capability, we have created a perfect platform for the restaurant operator who wants to control indoor menu boards and outdoor pole signage.  Customers will quickly realize the savings in time and improved marketing by using these compatible applications.”