Menu-Cast Version 4.1 Released

At long last the next version of Menu-Cast version 4.1 has been released, bringing with it a plethora of new features to keep our digital menu board software ahead of the rest.

New features include

  • Multiple Element Selection / Alignment
  • Ability to rotate elements
  • Greatly improved color picker
  • Gradient feature
  • Layers palette 
  • Ability to lock/unlock and show/hide elements
  • Undo/Redo feature
  • Video Tutorials and full documentation site setup (
  • Performance and interface labeling improvements
  • Fixed glyph/special character issue eg(entree' now saves properly)
  • Multiple file asset uploader
  • Live customisation of Media Areas (no need to hit 'Preview Changes' anymore)
  • Changes to the software in readyness for Multi-touch and gestures and touch-screen implementation
  • Changes to software architecture allowing the next update to allow custom font uploads

Features coming in next update

  • Ability to copy/paste elements between displays
  • Grouping elements
  • Layer effects / drop shadows on elements
  • Multiple element transforming
  • Schedule reports / Calendar showing an easy to read visual representation of what displays will show on particular days

We continue working to make the experience of managing your digital menu boards even easier